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Utility Upgrade

The original utility was fitted in 1988 (We found old newspaper stuffed as a filler under the old tiles). It was obvious on first inspection that the space was poorly utilised and the customer was having to go outside to get to their garage where the tumble dryer resided. Now everything is integrated with a butler style sink which is large and easy to clean down.

We also replaced the single pendant bulb with 2 LED flush-mounted ceiling LED spotlights.

Restoring Garden Furniture

Restoration required to 6 folding chairs and a table with rotten and broken central section causing the other table timbers to warp. This involved:

  • Dismantling the table and all the chairs into component pieces
  • Replacing the broken table section with a new joined piece
  • Sanding down all components
  • Re-assembly of table & 6 chairs
  • 2 coats of teak oil and additional 2 coats on surfaces more vulnerable to weather